Sunglasses, a fashion accessory and health necessity

SHREVEPORT, La. – Sunglasses come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They can mark the latest style and fads, but shades do a lot more for your eyes. They cover your eyes and guard them from harm that can cause seriouse injury and disease. They are a necessity especially in the summer months.
The sun puts off harmful UV rays that can cause numerous eye injuries like, cataract formation, Macular Degeneration and damage to the retina. It can cause blindness. On the surface of the eye, people are susceptible to growths called Pinguecula that damage your cornea, or a person can get something like a sunburn of the eye called Photokeratitis which is painful inflammation of the cornea.

 Dr. Mary Catherine Clemons, Shreveport Eye Clinic Ophthalmologist said, “When it comes to UV damage, it’s an accumulative amount so it’s not just one bad sunburn that you get all your problems from the longer you have a lot of sun exposure you know the more problems that it causes.”

Kids are actually more susceptible to these injuries because they are outside more than adults. “So they really need to at a young age start them wearing sunglasses so that they’re just used to it,” said Dr. Clemons. “Kids are hard to keep things on so just the more repetitive you are the more comfortable they become.”
For ideal protection, you want to make sure they have a label that says they filter out UV light. Look for UVA, UVB, or UV 400. They are all indications of quality shades.

 And you do not necessarily have to have dark lenses for UV filtration. Photochromic lenses, better known as transition lenses, as well as snap on lenses work too. “Those are excellent especially if you don’t want to have to deal with multiple pairs of glasses,” said Dr. Clemons. “And you don’t necessarily have to have it transition to your standard brown or gray colored tint.” ….
Source: KTBS