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Feb 19, 2020

Sunglasses are important. Here’s why…

by: Sujay Suresh Dangi,

When it’s sunny, you don’t step out without sunscreen or a big hat, as the damaging effects of UV rays can be severe. Just as you care for the skin, why not for your eyes?  This is why we need sunglasses; their UV coating and tinted lenses protect the thin skin around our eyes from UV radiation.

When looking for the perfect pair of shades, you need to consider how well they will protect your eyes as well. You might not enjoy all the protective technologies with cheap sunglasses—the quality of lens material and UV shields might not be up to par, giving you headaches and distorted vision. Of the many problems caused by UV radiation, a major one is Photokeratitis—a really painful condition which feels very similar to a sunburn,only in your eyes….

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Source: Deccan Herald

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