eSight is the only technology that helps people who are legally blind to actually see.

Our clients say that the effects are remarkable: blind spots disappear, faces that haven’t been seen in years snap into focus, books and other entertainment are suddenly accessible and complete freedom of movement is returned.Every eSight user has their own inspiring story of success to tell. Our clients tell us all the time that eSight is truly life-changing……..
TIMONIUM, Md. —One Baltimore woman’s poor eyesight has limited just about every aspect of her life, but that all changed on Tuesday. It’s been some time since even the largest of print has come into focus for Briana Grubb. “Not since I was 10,” Grubb said. But now Grubb’s faith is in a technology called eSight that could change her life.
The image is reproduced or reprocessed in real time. A pair of video monitors that are mounted like glasses with a small camera out front deliver improved eyesight to the visually impaired. It’s able to magnify and adjust the images that come in, and Grubb got a look for the very first time. “It’s like night and day. It’s like somebody turning on a light. It’s like you can’t see and now you can,” Grubb said………
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Source: WBAL TV 11