The Bionic Lens Could Push Eyesight Beyond 20/20 Vision

Ocumetics Technology Corporation is developing a replacement for the lens found in the human eye. Called the Bionic Lens, it could radically improve eyesight, prevent cataracts, and provide new ways to see the world.


In just a few short years, we’ll be able to improve our eyesight to levels we’ve only dreamed of. At first, it’ll be expensive, but over time they’ll become more easily available, eventually doing away with the concept of “poor eyesight” or 20/20 vision altogether.
A company known as Ocumetics Technology Corporation is at the forefront of this tech, which is currently in the midst of testing its Bionic Lens. The Bionic Lens replaces the natural lens found within the human eye, and brings with it a number of improvements, chief among them being an immediate improvement to eyesight, and clear vision regardless of distance. No more squinting or covering one’s eyes to get a better look at a distant sign.
Over time, the Bionic Lens could be upgraded to include additional functions, such as projecting your smartphone’s screen, or sharing your perspective with another person who also has a Bionic Lens installed.


The best part is how the lens can be applied using the same tools and techniques as cataract surgery—referred to as “the most common and successful procedure in medicine.” The lens would eliminate the possibility of cataracts in the eye, as well as glaucoma, which can be caused when the cataractous lens releases toxic agents into the chamber of the eye.

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Source: Futurism