WHILE most of the people showered with more than enough light have complained with their daily hustle and bustle in life, students at Davao School & Rehabilitation for Visually Impaired (DSRVI), a private-run institution for people with visual impairment, embrace life despite its subtlety and emit brighter aura.
For them, life did not stop when their eyes fail to give light, instead life for them has become brighter even if darkness has been their constant companion since birth.
Laughter, smiles, music, and ability to compete — these are some of the things that make their life colorful, beautiful and challenging. And visiting a classroom in that institution, life itself, with all its complexities, will welcome you.
Meet Edmund Montecillo, president of the student council of the Davao School & Rehabilitation for Visually Impaired. Like the rest of the students, he also has visual impairment. It has been five years since he entered the school.
He recalled that he used to study in a regular school at Paitan Elementary School in Bukidnon when he lost his sight hen he was in second grade due to eye cataracts. Because of that, even if it was against his will, he was forced to stop for three years because of his visual impairment.
But in June of 2010, Edmund was able to attend school again after being informed that there is a special school catering to young people like him who has visual impairment through a recruitment done by the personnel of DSRVI upon their visit to Bukidnon.
Edmund now stayed at the school’s dormitory for free where he and the other students were taught not only how to read and write but as well as how to do basic household chores and even taught them sports and music.
Edmund, who is now 18, also narrated that in 2011, the school helped him to undergo operation but since his eye condition was already worst, his sight was not restored.
But Edmund never lost hope and he continued his study. Now he is already in Grade 7 and even plays tenor and alto saxophones and actively participates in the school’s judo club. All of these, he learned in the school………
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Source: Sunstar