Two iStent procedure may be more cost-efficient than other IOP-lowering treatments

In treating elevated IOP in open-angle glaucoma patients, two iStent trabecular micro-bypass stents had a lower projected cumulative cost after 5 years compared with selective laser trabeculoplasty or topical glaucoma medication only, a study sponsored by Glaukos found.
While the two iStent procedure had the highest initial cost, the average projected cost of the procedure was $4,420 after 5 years, where as SLT was $4,730 and topical medication was $6,217, according to a Glaukos press release.
The population-based, annual state-transition, probabilistic, cost-of-care analysis was completed with a clinician panel providing drug costs, procedures and complications, as well as treatment strategy change probabilities.
“While numerous international studies have shown the ability of two trabecular meshwork stents to effectively control IOP in open-angle glaucoma patients, this analysis is the first to reveal the potential cost efficiency of trabecular stenting, especially over longer time horizons,” John P. Berdahl, MD, one of the study authors, said in the release.

How iStent® Works

To help control the increased pressure in your eye associated with glaucoma, iStent® creates a bypass between the front part of your eye and its natural drainage pathway to increase the flow of fluid. By creating a permanent bypass through the primary blockage site (trabecular meshwork), iStent® is designed to:
• Improve your eye’s natural outflow to safely lower intraocular pressure
• Work continuously to improve the natural flow of fluid in your eyes…
Source: Healio & Glaukos