Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots (scotomas), which could indicate eye diseases. A blind spot in the field of vision can be linked to a variety of specific eye diseases, depending on the size and shape of the scotoma.Visual Field Loss Tied to QoL Decline in Those With Glaucoma-MDA

Larry Hand     November 04, 2014

Assessing the magnitude of change in visual field loss, in addition to the rate of change, may help identify patients with glaucoma who may experience faster decline in quality of life (QoL) and determine how aggressively to treat them, according to an article published online October 15 in Ophthalmology.

Felipe A. Medeiros, MD, PhD, from the Hamilton Glaucoma Center and Department of Ophthalmology, University of California at San Diego, and colleagues conducted a longitudinal observational cohort study involving 322 eyes in 161 people, all from the previous Diagnostic Innovations in Glaucoma Study.

At baseline, study participants had a mean age of 69.5 years, 53% were men, 71% were white, 29% were black, and 4% identified themselves as Hispanic. The average macular degeneration was −5.2 ± 5.6 in the worse eyes and −2.0 ± 3.6 in the better eyes.

To be enrolled in the study, participants had to have taken the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire 25 (NEI VFQ-25) at least for 2 years and had to have had standard automated perimetry at 6-month intervals. NEI VFQ-25 has 25 questions divided into 11 subscales and one general health rating question and is designed to obtain self-reported vision-target health status for people with chronic eye diseases……………

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Source: Medscape