Wearing Google Glass can hurt, doctor warns

Google has warned people not to use its Glass eyewear for long periods of time because it can cause pain. The company said the technology was not meant to be used for “reading War and Peace” and takes time to adjust to. It follows complaints from some users of pain after wearing Google Glass.

Google’s optometrist said the problem was caused by the position of the technology, which forces people to look up. “When anyone gets a new pair of glasses or starts wearing them for the first time there is always an adjustment period until people get used to them. For some, it’s the same with Glass,” said a Google spokesman.
The company added that it encouraged people to “ease into Glass, just as they would a new pair of glasses”. The spokesman said: “As we note in our help centre, Glass is designed for micro-interactions, not for staring into the screen, watching Friday night movie marathons or reading War and Peace.”

I’ve not noticed any eye strain or headaches as a result of using Google Glass, but then again most of the time the screen is off – I use it to take the odd picture or scan tweets and emails ” Rory Cellan-JonesBBC Technology Correspondent

The College of Optometrists advised anyone who buys Google Glass to get their eyes tested before using it. The College’s clinical adviser Dr Susan Blakeney said: “The optometrist can advise you, they can see how its position will affect you and they can also advise you on how long you should use Google Glass for before taking a rest.”

Harvard optometrist Dr Eli Peli, who acted as a consultant to Google during the development of Glass, ….
Source: BBC News