Why you should be getting more of these

by: Bel Marra Health
Antioxidants have become a huge topic of conversation nowadays, not only among the health conscious, but among everyone. It’s the latest health craze—you can find antioxidants in everything. They’re in foods you eat, in skincare items you use, and are popular supplements. If you’re looking to increase your antioxidant intake, you won’t have to look very far.
While it’s become a buzzword, it’s not very clear what they do. Lots of people take antioxidant supplements because they’ve heard that they’re good for your health.
It’s true that they’re good for just about everything, but it would pay off to know what exactly they’re for. Taking antioxidant supplements won’t do any harm to your health, but knowledge is power.

Four reasons you should increase your antioxidant intake

Improve your eyesight

A common antioxidant, beta-carotene, is amazing for your eyes. It’s the main reason why carrots are so good for your health. But that’s not the only antioxidant good for your vision—lutein is another impressive antioxidant that wards off free radicals in the eyes. One study found that “women under 75 who ate plenty of foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, another carotenoid, appeared to halve their risk of macular degeneration.”

Save your heart from trouble

Flavonoids—a form of antioxidant—can lower your risk of heart disease by huge numbers. Wine is known to contain an abundance of this potent antioxidant. Antioxidants also weaken cholesterol, making it less likely to affect your arteries, where it would be able to reach your heart.
Free radicals are known to weaponize cholesterol and damage your body as a whole, so you’ll want to do your part and reduce these. Foods high in sugar are a big no-no if you’re worried about your free radical levels….
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