Why Your Eyes Are Dry and Irritated (and How to Find Relief)

If your eyes start itching and tearing up, or if they get puffy and red, it could be a case of dry eye syndrome, which happens when there isn’t enough lubrication in your eyes to maintain normal function. Dry eye syndrome can make it hard to see straight and focus—not to mention it’s really, really uncomfortable.
There isn’t just one cause of dry eyes. All sorts of things can create irritation, like “decreased tear production [or] excess evaporation of tears, low blink rate, clogged oil glands along the lid margins, aging, systemic diseases, and medications all contributing to inadequate surface wetting of the eye,” says Christine Morra, O.D., an optometrist in New York.
What do dry eyes feel like, exactly? You might notice stinging, irritation, and excess tearing, along with redness, mild itching, blurred vision, and heaviness of the eyelids, says Dr. Morra. And, “if left untreated, dry eye symptoms can continue to worsen or even lead to permanent vision loss,” she says. Yikes.
The good news? You can ID the cause of your dry eyes and find relief with a few holistic remedies and/or regular doctor visits. (Since there’s actually quite a bit you can learn about your overall health by looking at your eyes, regular checkups are beneficial, anyway.)
Here, seven causes of dry eyes and a few ways to help your peepers feel better, stat.

Cause: Environmental Conditions

If you’re living in a busy, urban environment, you might be more exposed to pollution and environmental factors that can irritate your eyes, says Dr. Morra. (And BTW, pollution can also mess with your skin, fitness gains, and hair.) …..
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