How Women Can Be Proactive About Their Eye Health

Written by Renee Canada, CHC AADP

We use our eyes almost every waking moment of our lives. They are literally our windows to the world around us. So why do so many of us neglect proper eye care? Taking our vision for granted, many things we do—or don’t do—can have long-lasting effects on our eye health.

Why Women Need to Worry About Eye Health

A 2012 study, Vision Problems in the US, found that 66 percent of subjects who were experiencing blindness were women. Sixty-one percent of those with cataracts were female. Finally, women comprised 65 percent of those with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
“Women are simply more intrinsically affected because they often live much longer than men,” said opthamologist Dr. Mildred Olivier, of Midwest Glaucoma Center, in an interview with The Mind-Body Shift. Age-related conditions, such as cataracts, AMD and Fuchs endothelial corneal disease are therefore more common in women. Additionally, women are more likely to have autoimmune disease, like lupus, which can also increase the risk of certain eye diseases.
“Sometimes it’s frankly also access—we take care of everyone else but ourselves. We make sure the kids get to their appointment,” Olivier said, but women often neglect to follow-through on their own care.
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