This is a touching  story of a dog that had went totally blind from cataracts and needed surgery and her human. Animals can develop cataracts just as humans can and have some of the risk factors that we face. Cataracts are a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision or blindness. Cataracts in animals are removed in the same manner that they are in their human counterparts. 
World would be a better place if people loved like their pets
By Barton Goldsmith Tribune News Service (TNS
I sat in the vet’s office, keeping vigil, as my dog-child went through the first two of four procedures needed to help her get her eyesight back. She had cataracts in both eyes and had recently gone totally blind.
I couldn’t leave her there for half a day and just run errands or whatever. I needed to be there in case she or the veterinarians needed me, and, as it turned out, they did.
Many people reading this now may think that I’m one of those shrinks who is overly neurotic. Well, that could be the case, or maybe it’s only that like many people these days, I think of my animals not as pets but as family members.

When we got home from Mercy’s surgery, I thought I was well prepared. I’d gotten her a playpen, shifting furniture to make room, so she would be safe from injury. However, I didn’t expect to walk the floor until 3:45 in the morning, because the only place where she could find comfort was in my arms. She whimpered most of the next two days and nights, but finally slept well the other night. She’s a little more like herself today but still whines while sitting in my lap as I write this. (Perhaps it’s a comment on my prose sans sleep.)
Mercy is on four different eye medications, given two and three times a day. That’s a lot to contend with. I know I’m a lousy nurse, but my dog-child will get the best of care, because my heart makes me strong enough to deal with whatever I have to. This is what love is supposed to be like.
Some people still reject the idea that their pets are people, too, and would elect to allow them to go blind. Perhaps they were raised with animals who were treated, well, like animals…….
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Source: The Independent