Mar 18, 2022

A Pharmacy Reimagined For Visually Impaired People

There’s something about the name “Accessible Pharmacy” that gives you a sense of ease. It could feel that way to anyone who’s grappled with a pharmacy, a prescription, or any number of things relating to obtaining medication. Now add vision loss into that equation. If you don’t drive, getting to the drugstore might be the first challenge. Then think about the small print and tiny text wrapped around prescription containers. It’s a wonder anyone can read it.  And paying for your medication often involves a request that you confirm some personal information on a screen, at the register, but you can’t read those words either.

Issues relating to visual accessibility at the pharmacy have not gone unnoticed. There are various solutions available, but few are integrated into the pharmacy experience. CVS Pharmacy now offers Spoken RX which enables the CVS app to scan and read an RFID code on the prescription. Siri or the Google Assistant will read the details which include patient name, medication name, dosage, and directions.

Walgreens makes medication accessible with Talking Pill Reminder, and they provide access to Aira for assistance shopping in-store.

If that sounds rather unimpressive, in terms of accessibility from the two largest pharmacy chains in America, well, it is. Perhaps they are slow to offer meaningful accommodations or enhanced service to customers who are visually impaired or blind because they do not understand the problem.

Read more: https://ophthalmicedge.org/patient/pharmacy-reimagined-for-visually-impaired-people/

Source: Ophthalmic Edge


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