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Audio Books and Magazines, Available by Mail or by Downloading to a Device



Large Print Materials and Visual Devices



Technologies: Computers, Cell Phones, Video Magnifiers





National Organizations for Support, Information and Research Updates



Talk With Your Doctor About AMD

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Vision Rehabilitation Self-Help Materials



Locate Vision Rehabilitation Services Near You


Ask if services include a vision rehabilitation consultation by an MD or OD; device recommendations; devices for loan; rehabilitation training for reading, writing, shopping, cooking, lighting, glare control; home assessment; mobility training; support groups. Ask about cost: Are these services free, billed to insurance or paid another way? Medicare covers most services but not devices.



Support Groups




Low Vision




AMD Monitoring Tools


A home-based monitoring program supporting earlier detection of wet AMD in intermediate dry AMD patients.



Clinical Trials




Veterans can receive services and devices free of charge.






Medicare Information

Financial help





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