Fresh greens are the flavor of spring

Yes, I know the calendar says it’s still winter. But… the days are getting longer, temps are getting warmer, snow is melting, and shoots are coming up from the soil. I’ve heard Canada geese are arriving, as are robins and cardinals. Although the first day of spring is...
Surprising Ties Between Coronavirus and the Eyes

Surprising Ties Between Coronavirus and the Eyes

Written By: Reena Mukamal Reviewed By: Sonal S Tuli MD Edited By: Anni Delfaro Mar. 10, 2020 Experts say guarding your eyes — as well as your hands and mouth — can slow the spread of coronavirus. Here’s why the eyes are so important in the coronavirus...

Five reasons to make a trip for an eye test

SPONSORED CONTENT BY SPECSAVERS 05:00, Mar 09 2020 When it comes to looking after our eyes, more than half of us admit we haven’t had an eye test within the past two years. The GP has a record of our blood pressure, and we try to visit the dentist regularly to...

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