Jan 26, 2022

Don’t panic! Screens will not make you go blind

By Connor Hopkins

Selling “miracle cures” seems to be as American as apple pie or baseball, and in an age where people are more health-conscious than ever before, the world needs to watch out for these modern snake oils and hair tonics.
Except, in today’s world ruled by black mirrors and white LEDs, these cures seem to be rooted – at least somewhat – in science. Take, for example, blue light glasses. For those who sit at a computer all day, these wonder glasses are supposed to “ensure the best protection for your eyes and your health” and “provide sufficient eye protection caused by continued exposure to blue light,” according to a product description from The Macula Store, an online shop dedicated to “impacting eye health with prevention, technologies, and education.”
Some of the maladies commonly listed for blue light exposure are headache, eye strain, sleep disruption, and even as drastic as depression or macular degeneration.
It’s that last one – macular degeneration – that seems to get a lot more focus than the others, and possibly more than it should. In essence, macular degeneration is exactly what it sounds like: the deterioration of the center of the retina (the macula), which causes blurred vision and can result in a loss of vision.

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Source: Driftless Journal

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