Oct 20, 2021

Environmental, Behavioral Triggers Linked To Dry Eye Disease Flares

by: Rita Aghjayan

Real-world triggers and characteristics of dry eye disease (DED) flares can include environmental factors, such as air conditioning, wind, low humidity, or pollution, as well as behavioral factors, such as reading, watching television, and surgery, according to study findings published in The Ocular Surface. The research team identified these triggers after reviewing various studies.

Recently DED flares have been more frequently recognized; however, due to the lack of systemic studies, characteristics of DED flares have not been well described. To address this knowledge gap, a team of investigators conducted a review to identify evidence for DED flares and to illustrate their characteristics in literature including triggers, patient-reported characteristics, clinician-measured characteristics, and changes in tear molecules. “In this rapid evidence assessment…a flare was defined as an episode of worsening DED symptoms that may or may not be accompanied by a worsening in clinical signs and occurs in response to an extrinsic trigger or challenge in patients with previously diagnosed DED,” the study shows…….

Read more: https://www.ophthalmologyadvisor.com/topics/cornea-ocular-surface/dry-eye/rapid-evidence-assessment-identifies-characteristics-of-ded-flares/?fbclid=IwAR15PWhqJwP-Dw7oLWf-RhOFn1isw5ichfHrspNONikuf2OvRYcUcFc3aJs

Source: Ophthalmology Advisor

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