Jun 28, 2022

Eye wonder – a peek into the biology of our peepers

By Optometrist Nabila Jones from Optegra Eye Sciences

Eyes really are a feat of evolution. They enable us to see tiny specks and huge mountains; to see bright, vibrant colors and yet also see in the dark.

Like many organs in the body, our eyes work hard every day.  They ensure we can see the world around us as numerous parts within the eye function together to bring objects in to focus and send information to the brain.

Sight is our most precious sense – have you ever wondered just how all those muscles, lenses, and spaces work together to allow us to see what is in front of us? To focus an image, just like a camera?

Let us explain how those precious spheroidal-like structures work and what happens when the visual process is disrupted.

Eye make up

No, not the products you use around your eyes to enhance them, but the actual structural elements of the eye itself. …..

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Source: Palm Bay Herald

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