Jul 15, 2021

Fifteen Healthy Summer Recipes to Stay Cool, Hydrated, and Nourished

BBQs, beaches, long days, and late nights… The dog days of summer are here, and the heat (on the grill) is on! While the official start to summer is behind us, it’s never too late to stock our pantries and fridges with all the deliciousness this season has to offer.

In the warm months of summer, our bodies naturally crave lighter, easier-to-digest foods. According to Ayurveda, it’s a great time to fuel ourselves with salads and fruits that help cool the body. Yes, even the occasional ice cream!

As you consider your weekly meal and BBQ celebration planning, consider shopping at the local farmers’ market or seeking out what’s in season at your grocery store. We talked about the importance of eating seasonally in this post, and the benefits ring true in all four seasons. While you can eat any vegetable any time of the year, the flavor you’ll get from eating what’s in season and local should not be missed.

Summer produce is the most bountiful and diverse of them all, so it’s easier to make nutritious choices……

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Source: Integrative Nutrition

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