Apr 23, 2021

Poor Eyesight? 14 Ways to Stay Active, According to an Eye Doctor

By Jerilyn Covert

Don’t let low vision get in the way of your health goals. Try these strategies to continue living your best life.

“It’s the old ‘Just do it,’ right?” says optometrist Mark Wilkinson, O.D., speaking about conversations he has with his patients who are dealing with the after-effects of cataracts or other age-related eye diseases.

Living with low-vision problems that can’t be reversed often means modifying the way you do things. And that means tweaking your daily routines so you can hit all your health goals.

“It’s basically saying to people, hey, you can keep doing this. You can do the same things you did before. You may need to modify it a bit. But there’s no reason that just because you can’t see well you can’t still stay physically, socially, and mentally active,” says Wilkinson, who is director of the University of Iowa vision rehab service.

Nearly one in five adults over age 65 reports trouble with their vision. And often, age-related eye diseases—such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy—are to blame…..

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