Apr 13, 2023

Target ‘Inflammaging’ to Promote Healthy Aging

by: April 11, 2023 / By Julie Poteet, OD, MS, CNS, FONS

Doctors are taught that there are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is characterized by short duration and represents the body’s healing response to a sudden insult. Chronic inflammation is characterized by the continuation of the inflammatory response when the cause of the acute insult persists or when the immune system becomes dysregulated after the acute insult.

What Is ‘Inflammaging’?
A third type of inflammation that is associated with aging is called inflammaging. It has been identified and is characterized by sustained inflammation such that it induces chronic inflammation from the beginning. The term inflammaging was first coined in 2000 by Claudio Franceschiand stems from the observation that older organisms tend to develop a pro-inflammatory status that is characterized by high levels of pro-inflammatory markers in cells and tissues even in the absence of clinically active diseases.2

Inflammaging is a risk factor for arteriosclerosis and any chronic disease of aging. Since most eye diseases have an inflammatory component, practitioners need to be armed with the latest evidence-based lifestyle recommendations to reduce inflammaging.

Reduce Inflammation to Improve Ocular Health
Targeting inflammation through diet, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle changes is emerging as one of the most impactful ways to influence healthy aging. …..

Read more: https://reviewofpresbyopia.com/target-inflammaging-with-diets-that-reduce-inflammation/

Source: Review of Presbyopia

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