Nov 1, 2021

The link between sleep deprivation and chronic disease

By: Naveed Saleh, MD, MS

As a physician, chances are that you’ve experienced your fair share of sleepless nights. But, sleep is a cardinal aspect of health, with humans needing to spend one-third of their life in slumber to remain healthy.

Insufficient sleep plays a role in at least four chronic diseases, according to research.

Chronic disease has taken on a greater role in premature death and illness. Researchers have increasingly focused on the role that sleep plays in such disease, with insufficient rest linked to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression, according to the CDC.

Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between these chronic conditions and insufficient sleep.


Various mechanisms underlie the progression of sleep disorders to insulin resistance and beta-cell dysfunction, including sleep fragmentation, activation of the sympathetic nervous system, and hypoxia, according to the authors of a review published in Healthcare…….

Read more: https://www.mdlinx.com/article/the-link-between-sleep-deprivation-and-chronic-disease/QP2Mu81HdskvcaZpCMULT?

Source: MD Linx

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