Jul 7, 2021

The Mission for a Healthy Vision

In the U.S., about 4.2 million adults over the age of 40 are either legally blind or suffer from impaired vision. Age-related eye disorders such as macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma are the leading causes of blindness and poor vision among Americans. An important aspect of disease prevention is being aware of the condition, the risk factors, and understanding the preventive measures, says Dr. Sumathi Venkatesh, a health specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Many of these eye diseases can be detected early through annual comprehensive eye examinations allowing appropriate treatment to prevent vision loss and impairment. Being overweight or obese and having medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may aggravate your risk for eye problems. If you have any of these risk factors, talk to your physician about managing your weight and health. Several eye diseases can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and by using proper protective eye gear. The National Eye Institute recommends the following preventive measures to protect your eyes: Routine eye care – Pay attention to changes in your vision. Contact your eye care provider if your vision is blurry or if you have trouble seeing. Schedule comprehensive eye exams on a regular basis. A dilated eye examination will enable early detection and treatment of eye diseases…..

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Source: Alice Echo -News Journal

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