Nov 26, 2022

The Surprising Effects of Smoking and How You Can Finally Quit the Habit

By The West News

t’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health. In fact, our article ‘The Eight Most Major Health Problems in the World Today’ considers smoking a significant contributor to heart disease. Smoking increases plaque formation in the blood vessels, leading to heart attacks or strokes. Additionally, smoking causes lung cancer by damaging the cells lining the organ. Aside from these, smoking has consequences that affect your daily life. They may not be chronic illnesses like previously discussed, but they still hinder you from reaching optimal health. Below, we’ll discuss smoking’s surprising effects and how you can finally quit.

The Surprising Effects of Smoking

It can lead to blindness

Smoking exposes your eyes to harmful toxins like carbon monoxide, making your vision blurry. Prolonged exposure leads to sight-threatening eye diseases such as cataracts (cloudy areas in your vision) and age-related macular degeneration (a condition that impairs central vision). Smoking also lowers your levels of the macular pigments zeaxanthin and lutein that shield your eyes from UV rays, making them more sensitive to sun damage.

It changes your taste perceptions

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Source: The West News

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