Jul 13, 2021

Try A New Approach To Reading Restaurant Menus

by: Dorrie Rush

One of the most frequently asked questions from people living with low vision is: How do you read the restaurant menu? There are many good options for accomplishing this task depending on the degree of visual impairment.

This is all about making adjustments, and accepting that picking up a menu and reading it the way you once did, may not be something you can reenact. Keep in mind, the goal is to select the food you will enjoy, not to read every dish on the menu. 

Here are some ways we can successfully overcome the challenges of menu reading and return to savoring the culinary and social experience.

  • Flashlights & Magnifiers – It is not at all unusual to see people in dimly lit restaurants pull out their mobile phone flashlight and point it at the menu. The same goes for magnifiers, sometimes on the phone, sometimes on their own with the light built-in. So no need to feel different — everybody’s doing it.
  • Online Menu – Making a menu selection in advance will allow you to relax. Google search “menu” + the restaurant name to review choices. (With iPhone use Speak Screen or VoiceOver to read the menu aloud, on larger screens increase the text size.)……

Read more: https://ophthalmicedge.org/patient/try-a-new-approach-to-reading-restaurant-menus/?fbclid=IwAR0N0v_HG8Uyr_-6hEMJsQiZSMHexjQ_40VigdWQIOSu6GYxqSvOvXGtVxM

Source: Ophthalmic Edge

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