Sep 24, 2020

University Retina and Macular Associates

AMD Center of Excellence



Today we are pleased to feature one of our AMD Centers of Excellence, University Retina and Macula Associates.  University Retina diagnoses and treats retinal-related conditions, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment repair, and other disorders of the retina, vitreous, and macula.  Their team of board-certified ophthalmologists and retina specialists consists of Dr. Rama D. Jager, Dr. Harit K. Bhatt, Dr. Veeral S. Sheth, Dr. Meena S. George and Dr. Aliya Z. Jiwani.  With a dedication to education, technology, charity, and compassionate care, the University Retina team strives to provide patients with the highest level of retinal care in the world.

Please join us in welcoming the University Retina and Macula Associates to our AMD Centers of Excellence program!

Patient testimonial: I’ve been with doctor Bahtt for more than 6 years so far. He’s simply excellent in what he does in terms of treating critical eyes conditions. The way he handles his patient’s nervousness because of critical conditions in certain cases, the professional way he medically offers eye treatments, manages eye’s medical procedures, as well as respond to patients emergencies even during weekend’s time makes him one of the best ophthalmologist in the Chicago Suburban area. I cannot think of a single complaint or negative remarks I have had in all these 6 years I’ve been treated in his office. All I remember is how professional, how good, how modest, how responsive, and how competent Dr. Bahtt is when it comes to treating critical eye’s conditions.

Mohamed Jawhar Jul 30, 2020       Review for Dr. Bhatt

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