Aug 17, 2022

When to Resume Exercise After an Eye Surgery or Injury

By Daniel Porter
Reviewed By J Kevin McKinney MD, G Atma Vemulakonda, MD, Ninel Z Gregori MD

It is common to wonder how eye surgery or an eye condition will impact your fitness routine. While it’s important to stay active, some exercise may do more harm than good.

Here are general guidelines that may help you—but remember: Always ask your ophthalmologist before resuming any form of exercise.

Cataracts and exercise

Is it safe to exercise with cataracts?

Exercise will not make a cataract (cloudy natural lens inside your eye) worse. But a cataract that limits your vision can make it hard to exercise or play sports safely. If your cataract does not affect your vision, you can continue your normal physical activities.

Resuming a fitness routine after cataract surgery

Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens that limits your vision. After the surgery, there are a few activity restrictions that help ensure a trouble-free recovery, including:

Read more: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/tips-prevention/resume-exercise-sports-after-eye-surgery-injury

Source: AAO

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