Oct 29, 2020

Why are eye exams so important to your health? They can detect numerous illnesses

Have you heard the saying Your eyes are the window to your soul?  Your eyes are also the windows to your health.

by Daisy Caballero

It has been noted that Americans have canceled their eye appointments as some fear of contracting the virus, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the Enterprise Optometry Group (EOG) in Redding.

KRCR spoke with Dr. Mitch Martin, the owner and Optometrist at EOG, and says they’ve seen roughly one to two cancelations a week, but says that’s nothing out of the ordinary for them.

But why it’s so important for people to keep up with their eye exams? He says there are a few reasons.

Eye exams can detect a number of illnesses that you may not be aware of otherwise

“There are major conditions as we age and some of those have no symptoms and you need an eye exam to detect them,” said Dr. Martin. “ For instants glaucoma – some form of macular degeneration, we call it cataracts, can progress slowly to the point where you’re not actually legal to drive. Then there are medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and things we can detect by looking inside the eyes of the vessels.”

He says it’s really common for people not to know they have high blood sugar and or diabetes developing but that’s something they can detect firsthand.

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Source: KRCTV

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